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A review of tools, platforms, and possibilities for the OER Project at Brooklyn College

About Digital Pedagogy at Brooklyn College

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Visualization Applications are driving forces behind the recent explosion in the "Digital Humanities." They enable scholars and students alike to ask new kinds of questions, and to illustrate the answers in powerful ways. This site intends to provide an overview of popular GIS and DVA platforms, both proprietary and open access. It summarizes the degree of difficulty involved in using these platforms, discusses support available for users at Brooklyn College, and gives links to training and tutorials freely available on the web. 

Site-Building Platforms

link to site-building platforms

GIS and DVA Platforms

OERs at Brooklyn College

SPEC 7317X/CBSE 7685T Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Professor Susan Longtin

PSYC 3450 Experimental Psychology

OER for Prof. Matthew Crump's PSYC 3450 Experimental Psychology

PSYC 1000 Introductory Psychology (Shane)

OER alternative textbook for Psychology 1000 (Shane)

Calculus for Everyone

OER for Calculus

Math 1201: Introduction to Calculus

This Open Educational Resource site was created by Professor Jeff Suzuki for his Introduction to Calculus flipped classroom. In a “flipped classroom” students watch online video lectures, demonstrations, and explanations of assignments before class. (All videos are closed captioned)

HIST 3401 | American Pluralism to 1877: a Resource Guide

This Guide offers copyright-free and open-access resources in American history, including maps, digitized primary resources, art and photography, and online textbooks.

HIST 3401 American Pluralism to 1877 (Carp)

OER alternative textbook for HIST 3401 - American Pluralism (Carp)

FILM 3300W Thesis Film Screenplay (Danto)

OER alternative textbook for FILM 3300W

FILM 2201/TVRA 4827: Documentary Production I (Danto)

OER alternative textbook for FILM 2201/TVRA 4827

Geographic Information System and Data Visualization Applications

Geographic Information System and Data Visualization Applications

CLAS 3239 | Ancient Medicine: The Classical Roots of the Medical Humanities

Welcome to Ancient Medicine: The Classical Roots of the Medical Humanities, a course designed to introduce you to the main themes and ideas in the medical literature produced by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

BUSN/ECON 3400 Intro to Economic & Business Statistics (Friedman)

OER alternative textbook for Busness and Economics 3400

ARTD 3134/7142 Subject, Creator, Consumer: Women and African Art (Richards)

Open Educational Resource (OER) created for Prof. Chris Richards' ARTD 3134/7142 course

ARTD 3094/7024G-Postwar Art: From World War II to 1989

OER for Mona Hadler's ARTD 3094-Postwar Art: From World War II to 1989

ART 1010 (2017) Art: Its History and Meaning (Simon)

OER for Prof. Malka Simon's ARTD 1010 course

Projects in Digital Pedagogy

link to projects in digital humanities page

Other Resources