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Computing Services: Students and Other Patrons

Computer Lab Signin


 How does it work?

  • Go directly to a computer and sign in.
  • Unlimited Renewals (unless the lab is full)
  • Check the monitor for computer availability

BC Students Account Info:     

  • User Name: 8-digit CUNYFirst EmpID    
  • Password: FLMM/DD/YY 

                  FL = your CUNYfirst official First and Last initials (upper case)                                                                                
                  MM/DD/YY = your 6-digit birthdate with "/" separators

  • Same as for Printing!  


  • Go to the nearest service desk to create an account. 

Time Limits: 

  • 90 Minutes to start, unlimited extensions when the lab is not busy.  
  • Taking a test?  Come to the service desk and we can adjust the time-out limit.

Express machines: 

  • “Walk-up.”  10 minute limit.  First floor express machines are "open," so please limit yourself to 10 minutes!

Don’t forget to log off when you are done! log off icon

Computer labs are located on the 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, and Lower Level.  See what installed software we have.

Additionally, there are computer labs located in the Library Café and WEB (hundreds of computers, including PCs, Macs, and Sun/UNIX machines).

You may check computer availability at


Currently enrolled Brooklyn College students have access to free B&W printing. (Color printing is not included in a student's free printing account.)
Printing Credits

Full-time undergraduate students receive $15, pro-rated for fewer classes.
Graduate students receive $10 credit  per class with a maximum of $30 credit

At the end of the semester all free balances (unused free printouts) expire and are reset for the next semester. 

Account Info

Students: Your Account Number is your CUNYFirst EmpID. Your password is FLMM/DD/YY: first and last initials (upper case), your 6-digit birthdate with "/" separators. 

All other Library users must create print accounts.

Wireless Computing

Wireless Computing (all floors) is available at specific locations throughout the library: see floor plans of the wireless network at the Brooklyn College Library and learn how to get started.

Guests can obtain a guest wifi account, please ask at a service desk.

You may print from your laptop in the library using this URL:

If you need your laptop configured for our WiFi (usually older machines) visit the West End Building (WEB), 1st Floor, call 1-718-951-5787 or visit


The self-service scanners are located in the following areas of the Library and Library Café:
  • Lower Level
  • 1st Floor
  • New Media Center (2nd Floor)
  • Library Cafe

There is no cost for using the scanners.  Please limit your time as others may be waiting.

Please see the staff member at the appropriate service desk for assistance in obtaining and using a scanner. 

Laptop Loan

Laptops are available to validated BC students on a first-come, first-served basis; laptops may not be reserved in advance. Laptops are available for same day loan or 3 day loan.
Laptops may not be borrowed for other individuals. Only one laptop may be checked out per person. You must wait 24 hours after returning this 3 day loan laptop before you are eligible for another 3 day loan laptop.

Laptops are loaned out from the New Media Service Desk, located on the second floor of the Library building. Laptops must be returned to the New Media Service Desk no later than 30 minutes before closing on the due date.

The Borrower is responsible for knowing and following the rules stated in this laptop loan agreement document, which is available online under lending policy, or in printed form at the New Media Service desk.

Laptop computers must not be left unattended at any time. The Borrower is financially responsible for loss of the laptop and its components. If a laptop or any of its components are determined to be lost or stolen, the Borrower will be responsible for replacement costs as well as a processing fee.

 The Borrower is financially responsible for damage to the laptop and any of its components. The condition of each laptop will be noted each time a computer is checked in or checked out

 If the laptop is not returned 30 minutes before closing on the due date, an initial $50 late fee will be assessed. At the start of the next business day, the late fee will increase by $10 for every hour that the laptop remains late.

Absent a genuine emergency, supported by appropriate documentation, laptops overdue by more than 2 business days will be considered lost or stolen and the Borrower will be responsible for paying the full replacement cost plus a $100 processing fee. Borrowers who do not return laptops will have a hold placed on their Library account. The Borrower's transcript will be withheld, and the patron will be unable to register for classes, or borrow library materials, until the matter is resolved.

Laptop Borrowers agree to adhere to the CUNY and Brooklyn College acceptable use policies for College-owned computer resources.

Borrowers may not save any files or data on the laptop; the borrower is responsible for saving all files to a removable storage device (e.g. USB flash drive). The Laptop Loan program is not responsible for damage to the Borrower's data storage device(s), loss of data caused by software, hardware, battery failure, or computers viruses.

Borrowers are encouraged to save their work frequently. Please note that battery failure may result in lost work.
Please report promptly any problems with the laptop (hardware, software, configuration, etc.) to the Library's New Media Center 718-951-5327.