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CBSE 7401T Advanced Methodology and Practice in Middle Childhood Mathematics: Assignments

Dr. Hanna Haydar's Spring 2020 Open Educational Resource OER

About Assignments

Detailed descriptions and instructions for the different assignments will be given separately in class.

0) Mathfuns

Share with the class community any math related problems, cartoons, poems, news or announcements.

Transcript to this peanut's cartoon provided.

1) Module 1: Fractions, Decimals percents

  1. Teaching experiment
  2. Error analysis Paper

2) Module 2: Geometry and Algebra

  1. Teaching experiment on Algebraic or geometric thinking.
  2. Clinical Interview on geometric or algebraic thinking.

3) Discussion Boards

  1. Contribution to each of the discussion board
  2. Commenting on three other contributions

4) Instructional Design Group Presentation

Meaningful, purposeful and multilevel mathematizing; inter-mathematics connections; interdisciplinary connections; planning for differential for ELL.

5) Exit paper

8-10 pages synthesis paper