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CBSE 7401T Advanced Methodology and Practice in Middle Childhood Mathematics: Home

Dr. Hanna Haydar's Spring 2020 Open Educational Resource OER

Course Description

Emphasis on teaching and learning involving rational fractions, decimals and percents, measurement/geometry, probability and data interpretation.  Interdisciplinary approaches involving mathematics and science, social studies and literacy.  Diagnostic techniques, and adaptation of materials and methods for special needs learners.  Introduction to research paradigms in mathematics education.

45 hours plus conferences

This course is one in a sequence of four education courses deigned for teachers specializing in mathematics in grades K-6.  The first two courses (CBSE 7400T and CBSE 7401T) focus on research-based methodology for teaching mathematics and its use in the classroom.  The latter two courses (CBSE 7402T and CBSE 7403T) focus on planning and conducting action research projects in the classroom.  The material in these four education courses spirals, and many topics will be covered in more than one course.  However each course emphasizes certain mathematics topics or aspects of methodology.  CBSE 7401T deals mainly with methodology for teaching topics related to rational numbers, decimals and percents measurement and geometry.


Dr. Hanna Haydar.

Instructor:  Dr. Hanna Haydar
Office: 2107A James Hall
Phone: 718-951-5000 (ext. 3758)
Office Hours: 

  • Tuesday 4:30 – 5:30
  • Thursday 4:30- 5:30
  • By appointment

Classroom location: 2104 James Hall
Class hours: Thursday 6:05PM- 9:25PM


Syllabus and a stack of books. Click to go to syllabus.

Course Objectives

  • Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of the Common Core State Standards Mathematics external link. and apply to their own practice.
  • Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of the NCTM Principles and Standards and apply these in their lesson planning and teaching as well as in their selection and evaluation of curriculum materials.
  • Candidates will demonstrate ability to anticipate, observe, analyze and interpret, reflect upon, and assess student mathematical work and design instruction that fosters learning of all their students.
  • Candidate will demonstrate understanding of how mathematics teaching is connected: across curriculum strands, across other school subjects, throughout all grade levels, to the uses and applications of mathematics in out-of-school contexts, and to family and community cultural resources.
  • Candidates will demonstrate ability to reflect on their practice to improve teaching and learning and to plan for further professional development.
  • Candidates will demonstrate ability to locate, analyze, select and use technology tor teaching and learning mathematics as the elementary grades.

School of Education Mission Statement

The School of Education at Brooklyn College prepares teachers, administrators, counselors, and school psychologists to serve, lead, and thrive in the schools and agencies of this city and beyond. Through collaborative action, teaching, and research, we develop our students' capacities to create socially just, intellectually vital, aesthetically rich, and compassionate communities that value equity and excellence, access and rigor. We design our programs in cooperation with liberal arts and sciences faculties and in consultation with local schools in order to provide our students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, proficiencies, and understandings needed to work with New York City's racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse populations. We believe that teaching is an art that incorporates critical self-reflection and openness to new ideas, practices, and technologies, and that focuses on the individual learner's needs and promotes growth. Our collective work is shaped by scholarship and is animated by a commitment to educate our students to the highest standards of professional competence.