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CASD 1114 Survey of Speech, Language, and Communication Disorders (Hamdan): Unit 2: Language Disorders

Survey of Speech, Language, and Communication Disorders

Important Information for Unit 2

Unit 1 FlipGrid Due

Article to Read

English and Spanish version of article.

Videos to Watch

Attribution: [Chandler Davey] 5 components of language (2018, Sept. 13) From: (2:19)

Attribution: [National Center for Families Learning] Developing oral language skills in preschool children (2018, Jan. 11) From: (3:34)

Attribution: [Liz Furtado] Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Delay (2018, Sept. 13) From: (3:16)

Attribution: [Shanon Lee] Ethan MERLD (2010, Mar. 26) From: (3:22)

Attribution: [Shanon Lee] Preschool Language Scales (5th Edition) Receptive Subtests (n.d) From: (32:51)

Lecture Slides to View