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Call Numbers in Linguistics

P1-85 General Linguistics
--P40-P40.5 Sociolinguistics
--P40.5.D54 Diglossia
P87-96 Communication. Mass media
P94.7 Interpersonal communication
P95-95.6 Oral communication. Speech
P98-98.5 Computational linguistics;
Natural language processing
P99-99.4 Semiotics
P99.5-99.6 Nonverbal communication
P101-410 Language. Linguistic theory;
Comparative grammar
P118-118.7 Language acquisition
P121-149 Science of language
P201-299 Comparative grammar
P215-240 Phonetics and Phonology
P241-290 Morphology
P291-298 Syntax
P299 Other
P301-301.5 Style. Composition. Rhetoric
P302-302.87 Discourse analysis
P304-305 Vocabulary
P306-310 Translating and interpreting
P321-324.5 Etymology
P325-325.5 Semantics
P326-326.5 Lexicology
P327-327.5 Lexicography
P331-365.5 Comparative lexicography
P367 Dialectology
P368 Standard language
P375-381 Linguistic geography
P501-675 Indo-European philology
P901-1091 Extinct ancient and medieval languages
PA 227-1179 Greek language
PA 2001-2915 Latin language
PA 3001-3043 Classical lit-gen
PA 3051-4505 Greek lit to 600 AD
PA 5000-5660 Byzant/Mod Greek lit
PA 6001-6971 Roman lit
PA 8001-8595 Medieval/Mod Latin lit
PC 601-872 Romanian lang/lit
PC 1001-1977 Italian language
PC 2001-3761 French language
PC 3801-3976 Catalan lang/lit
PC 4001-4977 Spanish language
PD 1-777 Germanic phil & lang-genl
PD 2571-2999 Norwegian
PE 1-3729 English philology & lang
PE 1-71 English phil & lang-general
PE 101-299 Anglo-Saxon
PE 1001-1693 Modern English
PE 1700-3602 English dialects
--PE3102.N4 - PE3102.N48 Black English
PE 3701-3729 English slang
PF 1-5999 West Germanic phil & lang
PF 3001-5999 German language
PG 1-585 Slavic lang & lit-genl
PG 1201-1696 Serbo-Croatian
PG 1801-1962 Slovenian language
PG 2900-3580 Russian literature
PG 4001-7925 Czech/Slovak/Polish
PH 101-1109 Finnish
PH 2001-3445 Hungarian
PJ 1-9293 Oriental philology/lit
PJ 1001-1989 Egyptology
PJ 3001-4197 Semitic phil & lang
PJ 4501-5192 Hebrew lang & lit
PJ 5201-5329 Aramaic
PJ 5403-5909 Syriac lang & lit
PJ 6001-8517 Arabic lang & lit
PK 101-2899 Indo-Aryan langs
PK 2902-5471 Indo-Aryan lit
PK 6001-6996 Iranian phil & lit
PL 1-8844 Asian/African lang/lit
PL 491-495 Far Eastern lang/lit
PL 501-699 Japanese language
PL 700-889 Japanese literature
PL 901-998 Korean lang/literature
PL 1001-2245 Chinese language
PL 2250-3208 Chinese literature
PL 3301-3311 Non-Chin langs China
PL 4111-4251 Tai languages
PL 4281-4587 Austroasiatic langs
PL 4601-4797 Dravidian langs
PL 5001-7511 Oceanic lang/lit
PL 8000-8844 African lang/lit
PM 101-2711 American languages
PM 3001-4566 Mexico/Cent Am langs
PM 7801-7895 Mixed language
Other call number ranges outside the P range
BF455-463 Psycholinguistics
QP399 Neurolinguistics

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