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ARTD 7820G: Video Art: Projects

ARTD 7820G: Video Art/Digital Art 1 by Jennifer McCoy

Exercises For First Two Weeks

Projects #Projects


Your work before midterm is to create two short works. Choose 2 different techniques from the following list of forms:

- single channel piece
- double channel piece (to be shown on two different screens)
- video installation (projection or monitor)
- live video performance (ie, video is being recorded and played live)
- pre-recorded video with performance
- animation

For single channel work, logistically, it might make sense to excerpt your screenings and make the full projects available on Vimeo.
Over the course of term, you are encouraged to explore all kinds of cameras from cell phones to the pro-sumer cameras available in the digital lab and the PIMA closet. Each has capacities and limitations that change the quality of the work.

Midterm and Final

Time to dig in. Submit a proposal for final work. This can take the following forms (or see me to make sure the scope is appropriate):

- a series of connected short pieces
- a long form single channel tape
- an installation with projection and sculptural elements
- a multi-channel installation

For the proposal, indicate what you are trying to do, Create an artist statement with a project description as well as a statement about how the project fits in to your existing methods or body of work.

complete the proposal above.

Ideas for Conceptual Approaches

Here are ideas for conceptual approaches:
Note: Exercises must be uploaded to your own channels on Vimeo™ and then listed on this wiki on the "students" page.
Exercises (derived from John Baldessari and others):

  1. -Describe a neutral object completely with video. Do it until you have fully transfered all of its qualities to the medium. Steal its qualities.
  2. -What art can arise from magic and myth? Or just a magic trick on video.
  3. -Film what objects one stares at in a given interval when in an arbitrarily chosen room.
  4. - Edit together 36 images of a simple motion like picking your nose, scratching, and so on.
  5. - Steal the trash from the Professor Hadler or one another's trash cans, describe the results with video.
  6. - Have someone video tape you in the act of insulting someone. Repeat, each time insulting a new person.
  7. - Pay homage to a movie star, rock musician etc in the form of a pilgrimage visit. Film them saying hello to you using your name. It could be a famous person's grave. Persons name on the gravestone should be visible.
  8. - Defenestrate objects. Video tape them falling.
  9. - One person makes a video. Another person narrates.
  10. - Serial TV works. 25 ways to fold a hat, to comb your hair, 25 people spitting.
  11. - A video tape that is the result of reading a book. You give a book report in front of the camera.
  12. - Make up a list of distractions that occur to you. Recreate them on video tape.
  13. - A video that deals openly with a physical flaw of yours (in your estimation). A film called PIMPLE?
  14. - Do good and bad compositions of the same scene, objects. Frame a scene in viewfinder and move camera a foot to the side before shooting.
  15. - Put makeup on dogs and other animals. On trees and plants.
  16. - Make a backwards video tape. Say things backwards. Stand upside down. Think backward.
  17. - Take a color walk. With a video camera in hand, follow a color through the city for as long as you can.
  18. - Video tape of making sound effects.
  19. - Design a secret handshake and film it.
  20. - Make a movie from a stock scenario. Or one person write a scenario, another shoot it. Or grab bag, everyone write 2-3 scenes, pull out 10 and shoot in the order they are pulled.
  21. - An all word video tape. Or one word.
  22. - Tape the backs of things, underneath things, extreme forshortenings, uncharacteristic views.
  23. - Using of a time device. Time code, random time devices, fuses, candles.
  24. - Describe the visual verbally and the verbal visually.
  25. - Paintings and photos are still. Videotape still things. Maybe exchange them.