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COMM1001/CASD1205: Archive: Fall 2018 Communications Connections

Communications 1001 and CASD 1205

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About Communications Connections Blog

You will create and maintain a weekly blog, posting a personal response to anything that came up in that week’s readings or classwork; at times I will ask you to post something more specific.

Your blog must be public; be sure to make it accessible/public and send me the link.

Weekly blog posts will be due on Friday.. Your posts should be about 200-300 words long.

Pick a good title for your blog that will be meaningful to you and to your audience; do NOT pick “COMM 1001,” “My Blog,” “Communication Connection,” etc. Remember your title is the very first thing anyone sees or reads of your work (first impressions).

Your blog posts will be evaluated using a rubric that you can download below.