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ENG 7320: Dead Girls: Student Gallery

An OER for Martha Nadell's ENG 7320: Dead Girls

Little Women Images


An illustration of everyday girls’ fashions from the 1860s.

- Ashley Melo

Daisy Miller Images

Chateau de Chillon

Katey Parker

Wikipedia contributors. "Chillon Castle." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 22 May. 2018. Web. 19 Jul. 2018.

Painting of: French School 19th-century Woman holding an umbrella

This picture shows a woman who is alone and even might be in the shade reading, but still has her parasol. This picture reminded me of the article on “Daisy Miller: Cowboy Feminist” by Lisa Johnson, where she states “the parasol is intended by society to create a pocket of inside space for women outside” (11). 

-Caitlin Moss 

This picture reminded me of a flirtatious woman, which is what Daisy is thought of by many in the novel. 

-Caitlin Moss  

Image result for 19th century rome

Rome late 19th Century

- Ashley Melo

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

Girl and Baby on a Doorstep

Riis, Jacob. Girl and Baby on a Doorstep.

Katey Parker


Ragpickers Court on Mulberry Street in the Italian neighborhood of New York City 1870s. Hand-colored woodcut

This picture reminded me of the crowed tenement house Maggie and her family lived.

-- Caitlin Moss 

The Yellow Wallpaper

Here's an example of a tableau vivant from the 19th century.

Nineteenth century tableau vivant with a gilt frame showing a Roman scene (1897). USA.

Katey Parker

Iola Leroy

Dr. Gresham's Proposal

This depicts Dr. Gresham's marriage proposal and the impact it would have on Iola Leroy's life if she were to hide her heritage. -Sarah B-

Iola and Tom

This photo depicts a Civil War nurse tending to a wounded soldier. I like to think the sketch depicts the tender scene between Iola and Tom, when she kisses him goodbye, eliciting confusion and disgust in Dr. Gresham -Sarah B-

Iola Leroy and Passing For White

This quote on white privilege was taken from the book, published in 1892, and yet, I cannot help but apply it to contemporary American society in 2018...and how it still remains true, in some areas. I wonder what choices Iola would make if she were living in our world- would she face less angst if she married a colored, or even a white husband?  -Sarah B- 

Image of Civil War soldiers  - Kyle Norville

House of Mirth

19th Century Millinery. These are the types of hats Lily would have been wearing first, then trying to fabricate.

Katey Parker

-Kemp Pettyjohn

The Awakening

Edna and Adele

Katey Parker


Image result for the awakening primary chopin primary sources

Creole Woman and her West Indian servant

- Ashley Melo