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Experimental Psychology: Citation Management

Citation Managers

Citation management software is a tool that helps people keep track of their research, citations, and articles. People who write a lot of research papers need a citation management tool. The kind of citation management tool that you use varies by discipline and university. There are programs like RefWorks and Endnote that you can pay for. CUNY has purchased a system-wide license to RefWorks. We do not have access to Endnote at Brooklyn College. 

RefWorks is great if you need your citations to be accessible online. For example if you work on your paper on your desktop, then at the library computer lab, then RefWorks will always have your citations accessible from any computer or laptop with Internet access. 

Zotero is a free service, which is recommended it if you have a laptop and you work exclusively on one or two machines and don't need remote access to your citations.

Mendelay, another free tool, is great for its sharing and group features. So if you're working collaboratively Mendelay is for you. Each image is linked to the training videos; just click on the image to find out more!