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LGBTQIA+ Studies: Online Resources

Online Resources site for students interested in the history of gender and sexuality. Using primary (photographs, postcards, police reports, etc.) and secondary resources, OutHistory encourages users to create new online exhibits and edit current ones. Topics include: history of Stonewall, gay and lesbian periodicals, city-specific LGBT histories (Chicago, Philadelphia), pre-Stonewall activism, and queer youth.

Queer Studies: through the English department at UCSB; a comprehensive resource on LGBTQ, intersex, and other antinormative sexual identities, practices, performances, discourses, representations, and communities. There are general resources, as well as speficic resources for the topics Gay & Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersex, and Transgender and Transsexual, as well as links to Journals and Zines, and a substantial list of queer theory and criticism resources on the web.