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Biology: Books

Finding Books

Use OneSearch to search for books at Brooklyn College or in all CUNY libraries.  If Brooklyn’s copy is checked out, you can have it delivered from another CUNY school by clicking the Request a Copy button. Here are some ways to search our catalog for books:

  • Title begins with...  
    Use when you know the exact title of a book or the first few words in the title. Tip: Drop initial articles (a, an, the, la, les etc.) when performing a title search.
  • Author, last name first...                            
    Use when you do not have a book title, or you want to find other books written by an author.
  • Subject begins with...        
    Search the catalog for a subject. Remember that people can also be subjects! Tip: To find books by an author, click on the author tab in the search window; for books about an author, click on the subject tab. 

Library of Congress Call Numbers

  • QH301-705.5 - Biology (General)
  • QH359-425 - Evolution
  • QH426-470 - Genetics
  • QH540-549.5 - Ecology
  • QK1-474.5 - Botany (General)
  • QL360-739.8 - Zoology
  • QL750-795 - Animal Behavior
  • QM1-695 - Human Anatomy
  • QP1-345 - Physiology (General)
  • QR180-189.5 - Immunology
  • QR355-502 - Virology

Books in the Stacks