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Hello, I am Emily Fairey, 2021-2022 Ethyle Wolfe Institute Digital Humanities Fellow at the Brooklyn College Library. For this site, I have created assignments and lesson plans related to the Hess Scholar in Residence, which will feature Yale Professor Lisa Lowe from 25-29 October, 2021. Lisa Lowe is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work is concerned with the study of race, immigration, capitalism, and colonialism. Lowe’s teaching interests include Asian American studies and critical race and ethnic studies, colonialism and U.S. empire, and cultures of globalization.

I have provided several vetted sources on Asian American and Pacific Islanders' history, literature, arts, archives and data.  The theme of all of these assignments was to use digital tools as access points to write about, to analyze, and to present original research. My goal is also to see how the use of these tools could enhance learning beyond the limitations of a traditional assignment. I have provided examples and pre-edited documents as paradigms. All of these digital tools are easy to use, and I am available for technical support and classroom workshops. You can contact me at:

  • Hypothesis is a collaborative annotation tool that allows you to write comments directly on any web page. The assignments here use the two common readings for 2021-2022, one of which is a NYTimes article about anti-Asian violence. I’ve also linked to Mrs. Spring Fragrance, one of the earliest works of fiction published in the United States by a woman of Chinese heritage.”
  • Voyant is an open-source, web-based application for performing text analysis and creating many types of data visualizations. Though it works on any web page or document, some work much better than others. Therefore I have provided a sample text of a poem by BC alumna Ocean Vuong for analysis in Voyant, as well as a "cleaned up" version of Mrs Spring Fragrance.
  • StoryMaps is a web presentation platform created by ArcGIS Esri, best known as a digital mapping tool. A free public account allows users to create dynamic presentations illustrated with interactive maps, media, data, and images. I have provided links to registration and tutorials for the simplified "New" StoryMaps, as well as lesson plans for two assignments that focus on creating presentations with archives of Asian American primary sources, such as the Densho Archive.
  • The BC Covid-19 Archive @ The Journal of the Plague Year is a valuable resource for assignments. Anyone who self-submits their text, media and metadata causes a process of curation and eventual publication to begin. This allows students to share their own history (anonymously if they choose) and to learn about the organization and curation of a digital archive. A very large upload limit on attached files (254 MB) even gives them a chance to tell their story in audio or video as well as text or images. I have created three assignments: recording an interview with an Asian American and uploading it to the archive, working with tagging and metadata, and creating an exhibit on the BC Covid-19 Archive by registering with an account.

Wolfe Institute Digital Humanities Fellow @ The Brooklyn College Library

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Emily Fairey
Emily Fairey has Ph.D in Classics from CUNY Graduate Center and an MLS Library Science from Pratt Institute. She has taught Classics courses at many colleges and universities. Emily is continuing her work as an instructional technologist developing open educational resources.