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Puerto Rican and Latino Studies: Primary Sources

Primary Resources

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Oral History

Oral history provides some of the best primary material you can use for your research. First hand accounts by the people who were there when significant events happened, or who were the event makers themselves, give an important glimpse into a time and place. Sample some of the oral histories below which highlight events shaping PRLS, or try a search in Google with a person's name or the name of an event along with the term "oral history" and see what you find.


Speeches and Interviews

Like oral history, speeches and interviews give us a chance to hear from people in their own words, unedited. Listen to the important words of these Latinx history makers and search for others on your own using Google. You can also go straight into YouTube and find many examples of speakers addressing issues of the day.


Comedy as Social Justice Reporting

Comedians are often the spokes people of their time, bringing to the surface important social issues that reflect their own experiences or the experiences of their people. Although a good comedian will work hard on the material, testing it and perfecting it, what they say will give the listener a first hand look at a life as it has been lived, exaggerated, or not, for the cause of humor.

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Selected Historic Newspapers

Manuscripts and Documents