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ARTD 3136: African Fashion, Textiles and Personal Adornment: Home

An OER for Prof. Chris Richards of Brooklyn College

About: ART 3195/7196 African Fashion/Textiles

Designed as a survey of African textiles, personal adornment and fashion, students will engage with a variety of historical and contemporary dress practices, exploring how forms of dress are one of the most potent and malleable forms of African artistic expression.  Beginning with colonial misinterpretations of “undressed” African bodies, students will examine “Classical” African textiles from across the continent, with an emphasis on their manufacture and cultural/social significance.  African fashion from the 20th century will be addressed, illustrating the importance of revising and transforming historical textiles and dress practices.  The significance of African dress will be further emphasized by drawing connections to contemporary art; artists including Yinka Shonibare and Mary Sibande will be explored, with an emphasis on how textiles have influenced their imagery and practice.

Gallery of Textiles