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About the Library: About AIT


The Library/AIT Department is a combined and integrated organization consisting of 2 units, both of which report to the Chief Librarian/Executive Director of AIT.  

AIT was formed as a college wide technology unit that would report to the academic, as opposed to the administrative, structure of College. Administratively, it is housed in the Library, reports to the Chief Librarian and has been integrated into the Library’s organizational structure.  The unit is loosely organized into 3 divisions:  Faculty Services, Student Services and   Applications & Entrepreneurial Technology. Recently a fourth division, the TV Center complex has been added. The two senior  members of AIT serve on the Library’s Senior Management Team.

AIT’s professional staff support faculty in their efforts to integrate technology into their teaching and research.  This support can take many forms.  AIT staff members work with faculty to build and manage courses in Blackboard, up to and including the creation of entire online programs.  They assist faculty with the creation of individual and departmental websites.  They have developed suites of software applications that allow staff to manage websites, oversee the computer lab facilities, handle inventory, book rooms, and more; these software applications have been widely shared with other CUNY colleges.  AIT staff also support and manage multimedia classrooms and a Faculty Development and Training Lab, where faculty can drop in anytime to obtain assistance, scan documents, check email, work on their online courses, print posters and conference materials, or learn a new software program.  AIT staff also manages the Library’s Woody Tanger Auditorium, and the New Media Center, which includes hundreds of computer workstations, language lab services, and group viewing and listening rooms.  Two of the viewing rooms were renovated in 2009-10, and now students can view movies in HD and Blu-Ray formats, while basking in surround sound.

AIT provides support for departments preparing for accreditation evaluation by degree accrediting bodies. AIT will meet with the department’s faculty and staff to review accrediting body technology standards.  Based on the review and input from faculty, AIT will compile a list of technology needs and develop a plan, with implementation timeline, to meet those needs in order to prepare the department for it’s accreditation visit.

The Library serves as a hub of technology, information resources, and information and technology services for Brooklyn College, and upholds its mission of providing integrated information support for the College’s instructional and research activities.

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