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Zine Collection: Home

What is a Zine? (pronounced ZEEN, like Maga-zine)

Simply put, zines are homemade magazines that are published via a photocopier and distributed in a somewhat unconventional manner (by mail, at coffee shops, through friends, etc.). There are many variations on this practice, but most zines are used to express thoughts and feelings that the creator expects would otherwise not be published or shared through more mainstream media.

Our Collection

Our collection primarily consists of:
Print zines. This is a print zine collection, and thus no e-zines or online materials are accepted as part of the collection at this time.
Zines that are connected to Brooklyn, support the interests of the students at Brooklyn College, or would support the curriculum of Brooklyn College.
Zines made by Brooklyn College students or alumni--any zine made by our students or alumni will be accepted into the collection.
Zines about zines, zine-making and zine culture.
Zines that discuss life from the perspective of members of the Working Class, or zines that are made by people/students who balance work, life and scholarship simultaneously.
Zines by People of Color, and/or that discuss issues of race, culture, and identity.

Access Policy For Visitors

Access is available to outside researchers, writers, and students who secure permission in accordance with the CUNY access guidelines. Please visit the Returning Safely Together Visitor Policies page for further information on entry requirements to the Brooklyn College Campus. To set up an appointment contact the Reference Librarians at