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ARTD 3134/7142 Subject, Creator, Consumer: Women and African Art (Richards): Image Attributions

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About Image Attributions

This page gives bibliographic data on the images used to link to documents, videos and other media. We intend to stay in full copyright compliance, so if you feel that an image violates your copyright permissions in any way, please contact the author of this site with your concerns.

Image Attributions: Subject

Subject: Mother Page

1) Link to The Colonial Gaze:  "Sartjce, The Hottentot Venus. Exhibiting at no. 225, Piccadilly. [Frederick Christian] Lewis Delin. et. Sculpt. London. Published as the Act directs March 14th, 1811, by S. Baartman, 225 Piccadilly." Ftom Daniel Lysons, Collectanea, vol. 1, facing p. 102. By permission of the British Library. (C.103.k.11, vol. 1, p. 102.) from Z.S. Strother, The Display of the Body Hottentot, in Africans on Stage: Studies in Ethnological Show Business, Edited by Bernth Lindfors, Indiana University Press, 1999, p. 26.

 2) Link to Film: Poster for Mondays Girls from website of the African Film Festival of NY:


 3) Link to Masks and Masquerades: Original photo by Chris Richards of Pendant ivory mask representing Idia, court of Benin, 16th century (Metropolitan Museum of Art).


 4) Link to Sculptural Forms: Commemorative head of a queen mother, Benin, 18th-19th century. From an exhibition of the Museum fur Volkerkunde Wien - Kunsthistorisches Museum, in cooperation with the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria, the Ethnologisches Museum - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Musee du quai Branly, Paris. (cat. 171) 


1)  Cover Art for Andrea Cornwall's Gender in Africa, Indiana University Press (February 14, 2005).

2) Image for Barbara Thompson, The African Female Body in the Cultural Imagination : in Black Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body, University of Washington Press;  (March 26, 2008): Unknown artist, Baute peoples, Cote d'ivoire, female figure (bIola bfa), mid-twentieth century, wood, glass beads, plant fiber. National Museum of African Art: Gift from the collection ofToby and Barry Hecht; 2000-:26-1. Photograph by Franko Khoury, courtesy of National Museum ofAfrican Art, Smithsonian Institution.

 3) Still from Monday's Girls, A film by Ngozi Onwurah England, 1993, 50 minutes.

Image Attributions: Creator

Creator: Mother page

 1) Pottery: Montage of views of: Batwa women with traditional pots. Taken in Burundi, in the village of Kiganda in the province of Muramvya in July 2007. Wikimedia Commons.


 2) Beadwork: Original photograph by Chris Richards taken 2015 of Wits Art Museum Collection 19th century beadwork  1)Nguni beadwork  2) Zulu Ntwane Cape



 3) Applique and Embroidery: Original photograph by Chris Richards taken ___? of applique and embroidery workers in action Weaving Studio of Marguerite Stevens fall 2015 exhibition of William Kentridge tapestries.


 4) Contemporary Artists: Original photograph by Chris Richards taken of painting by Penny Siopis: "Melancholia," 1986. Time and Again, an exhibition by acclaimed South African contemporary artist, Penny Siopis, was opened by William Kentridge AtIziko South African National Gallery on Wednesday 17 December, 2015

Image Attributions: Consumer

Consumers: Mother Page

The Dan

Gallery Image 1


Gallery Image 1


Gallery Image 1

African City

Women as Consumers: The Dan

Arts of the Dan

Four Dan Sculptors

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