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Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities 2023-24: Home

Theme: Championing the Humanities

The Wolfe Institute’s 2023-24 Annual Theme is “Championing the Humanities.” The theme serves to remind us of the Wolfe Institute’s primary mission at a time in which there is much discussion about the “death of the humanities.” As others seek to politicize and/or defund humanities departments and faculty, humanities-inspired scholarship is thriving nationally and at Brooklyn College. By highlighting this work through our programming, including through Hess-related programming, the Wolfe Institute will insist on the value of the humanities to our society.  

About This Guide

This resource guide was created by Prof. Helen Georgas in support of the Wolfe Institute's 2023-2024 Hess Scholar-in-Residence program, Faculty Fellow program, and the Faculty & Staff Reading Group. The guide links to resources (books, articles, streaming video) that are available online to the Brooklyn College community (faculty, staff, students) via the Library's collections and/or are freely available online. It is a *selected* list of resources, and is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all works by Paul Ortiz or any of the authors and event panelists participating in this year's Wolfe Institute programs. If, however, there are additional resources in our collections (or freely available online) that you would like to have included here, please reach out!


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