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PSYCH 3450-Experimental Psychology: Home

PSYCH 3450-Experimental Psychology-draft test site for possible landing page/container site for sections

About Experimental Psychology

‚ÄčThis is the class website for sections MTAL, BL, CL, DL, EL, and FL of Experimental Psychology of Professor: Dr. Matthew Crump. (PSYC3450W), Fall 2017. Check this site for regular updates to course information.

  • 2 hours lecture, 4 hours laboratory, 4 credits
  • Basic principles of experimental psychology and experimental methodology. A variety of specific content areas in psychology, including those in social psychology, learning, perception, and cognitive psychology. Laboratory replication of classic experiments from these content areas. Writing intensive course

Lecture Schedule

The dates listed are only for the lecture, check your lab section schedule for lab dates. All classes begin Friday, August 25th, so Friday lab sections begin on Friday, August 25th.

# Lecture Date Topic & Notes Chapter Lab Supplemental
1 28-Aug Science 1 Overview 1
  4-Sep NO CLASS Labor Day      
2 11-Sep Intro Psych Science 2 Paper 1 12
3 18-Sep Measurement 3 Paper 1 1,2,3
4 25-Sep Experimental research 4 Mini 1 1,2
5 2-Oct Factorial Designs I 5 Mini 2  
6 16-Oct Factorial Designs II 5 Mini 3  
7 23-Oct Factorial Designs III 5 Paper 2  
8 30-Oct Midterm   Paper 2  
9 6-Nov Theory and Phenomena 6 Brainstorm  
10 13-Nov Research Ethics 7 Individual Presentations  
11 20-Nov Control Problems I TBD Final Project  
12 27-Nov Control Problems II TDB Final Project  
13 4-Dec Communicating Research 12 Final Project  
14 11-Dec Open Science TBD Group presentation  

Lecture notes will always be posted after class. If they are available before class, they are subject to change.


  • Lecture Monday, 12:25pm - 2:05pm, Ingersoll 1310
  • Office: 4307 James Hall
  • Email:
  • Office hours: by appointment.