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A LibGuide in Beta for the Brooklyn College Listening Project

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The Brooklyn College Listening Project is a community interview and oral history project run by faculty and students across several departments in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Performing and Visual Arts at Brooklyn College. Our aim is to listen to and, when possible, record a wide range of stories about life experiences in Brooklyn, NY. We plan to archive recordings of the interviews at the Brooklyn College Library and make them available online through the Library’s website. For more information, please contact us at:

Jahanara Begum

Jahnara Begum speaks of life in her native Bangladesh and in Brooklyn.

Interviewee: Jahanara Begum

Interviewer: Asif Mahmud

Instructor: Paul Moses

Interview with Allan Farkas on growing up in Brooklyn, starting with childhood in East New York.

Interviewee: Allan Farkas

Interviewer: Elisabeth Farkas

Instructor: Paul Moses

Jane Graham

Jane Graham, daughter of Irish immigrants, talks about growing up in Flatbush and a father who took part in the IRA.

Interviewee: Jane Graham

Interviewer: Ye-Eun Park

Instructor: Paul Moses

Iqra Nadeem discusses what it was like to migrate as a child from Lahore, Pakistan to Brooklyn.

Interviewee: Iqra Nadeem

Interviewer: Wajiha Kazmi

Instructor: Paul Moses