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ITAL 1020: Italian Basic Language Skills 2: Home

Italian 1020: Intermediate Italian, taught by Alessandro Zammataro

About Italian 1020

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This is the second of a two-semester introductory sequence. The emphasis will be on Italian cultural patterns of social interactions, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, nuances, and Italian cultural exchanges. Greater emphasis is on the verbal application of the Italian language, personal and public exchanges, and everyday interactions with Italian-speaking people. This class goes into greater depth with more difficult pronunciation and dialogue exchange.



Botticelli-La Primavera

Artist Sandro Botticelli
Year late 1470s or early 1480s
Medium Tempera on panel
Dimensions 202 cm × 314 cm (80 in × 124 in)
Location Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Milan fashion week 2016

Milan Fashion Week: The Origins

Milan Fashion Week was established in 1958 as part of the global Big Four Fashion Weeks. The others three include important international cities like Paris, London and New York: the schedule always begins with New York, while London is the second appointment, Milan the third and Paris the last one.

Alpha Romeo Giuletta Spider

Alfa Romeo was imported to the United States by Max Hoffman from the mid-1950s.[27] The Giulietta Spider was born by request of Max Hoffman, who proposed an open version of the Giulietta.[28] In 1961 Alfa Romeo started importing cars to the United States.[29]

In 1995, Alfa Romeo ceased exporting cars to the United States,[30] the last model sold in that market being the 164 sedans.

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