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HNSC 7150X Fundamentals of Biostatistics: Lecture Schedule and Readings



Crump, MJC (2018) Answering questions with data Retrieved from

License: This book is released under a creative commons license CC BY-SA 4.0.

Lab Manual

Lab manual

Crump, MJC., Krishnan, A. Volz, S. and Chavaga, A. (2018) Answering questions with data: Lab Manual Retrieved from

License: This book is released under a creative commons license CC BY-SA 4.0.

Lecture and Reading Calendar


Class Date Topic Reading
1 Aug 28 Introduction to biostatistics and this course, course survey Crump Chapter 1 "Why Statistics?"
2 Sept 4 Describing data; Excel instruction Crump Chapter 2 "Describing Data"
3 Sept 11 Quiz 1, Correlation Crump Chapter 3 "Correlation", Lab 3.4
4 Sept 18 Probability, distributions Crump Chapter 4 "Probability, Sampling, and Estimation"
5 Sept 25 Confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, Excel/SPSS instruction Crump Chapter 4 "Probability, Sampling, and Estimation", Crump Chapter 5 "Foundations for inference"Lab 1.0, Lab 1.4, Lab 2.0, and Lab 2.4
6 Oct 2 Quiz 2, t-tests  
    Class Doesn't meet Oct. 9 or Oct. 16  
7 Oct 23 ANOVA, ethics Crump Chapter 7 "ANOVA", Crump Chapter 8 "Repeated Measures ANOVA", Crump Chapter 9 "Factorial ANOVA" and Crump Chapter 10 "More On Factorial Designs", readings to be assigned.
8 Oct 30 Quiz 3, Linear regression Schnieder 2010
9 Nov 6 Study designs, risk measures, logistic regression Weist 2015
10 Nov 13 Quiz 4, meta-analysis Stern 2008, Hagan 2008
11 Nov 20 Quiz #3 (SPSS) Time-to-event data, survival analysis
12 Nov 27 Statistical power and sample size determination Crump Chapter 12 "Thinking about answering questions with data"
13 Dec 4 Quiz 5, How to critically read the quantitative research literature Coughlan 2007, Jack 2010, Long evaluation tool, other documents to be assigned
14 Dec 11 Review  
15 Dec 18 Final Exam