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FILM 2701 Film Editing (Sen-I Yu): Projects

OER for Professor Sen-I Yu Spring 2020

General Project Information

All projects must be edited using Premiere Pro CC. If you have access to CC outside of school, you must bring your projects in progress on an external hard drive to class each week. If you have a Creative Cloud license and a laptop, you may work on Premiere Pro CC as long as you bring your projects in progress on the laptop to work on in class. Premiere Pro CC is not available in our editing labs.

Project 1: Montage

Using provided nature footage, edit a 1-2 minute musical montage. You may select whatever piece of instrumental music you would like to interpret and express visually. Your montage should demonstrate your mastery of rhythm, pacing, and creative juxtaposition.

Due: Week 5

Project 2: Dialogue Scene

Edit a 2 person dialogue scene using provided footage from TBD. The project will be graded on your ability to cut a seamless scene that flows well, respects continuity, and brings out the strongest performances of the actors. You will also be graded on your project organization and process.

Due: Week 9

Project 3: Documentary

Edit a 4-6 min documentary video using provided footage. Alternatively, you may elect to edit your own short documentary that profiles a person, event or organization.

Note: You must have production completed and submit a proposal and all dailies for approval by the instructor.

Due: Week 15