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Fall 2023



Years of Hardship
Colonialism in the Horn of Africa 1935-1941

When: March-September, 2024
Where: Archives & Special Collections Exhibit Area


 In the 1930s, more than three-quarters of the world was divided between the various European empires, and most Africans and Asians lived under some form of foreign domination.

In 1935, the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) launched the invasion of Ethiopia, then one of only two independent countries in Africa, and the following year, he announced the establishment of a new colony called Africa Orientale Italiana (AOI).  Meanwhile, Emperor Haylä Sellasé (1892-1975) and his government went into exile in Palestine and Britain, where they coordinated the international and guerilla anticolonial resistance until the liberation of Ethiopia in 1941.  The events of these “Years of Hardship,” as they were later called in Ethiopia, shaped the lives of millions of people, and they continue to reverberate in our contemporary world. 

This exhibit examines the rise and fall of Italian colonialism in the Horn of Africa through the lives of individual Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Italians, drawing upon the materials from the Robert L. Hess Collection.

Years of Hardship: Additional Information

black-and-white photo of two conscripted Somali soldiers serving in eastern Ethiopia, smiling and holding rifles

A New Deal for Artists
Connecting Brooklyn College to its Past, Present & Future

When: November 2, 2018 - present
Where: Library East Gallery

This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to tell the story of the New Deal’s extraordinary Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the creation of the Brooklyn College Midwood campus. The exhibit also serves as a reminder of the vital role the federal government played during the Great Depression in supporting the arts by employing tens of thousands of visual artists, musicians, actors, and writers.

These beautifully restored paintings along with the campus’s other twenty-two WPA art works are important pieces of our history connecting the college’s past to its present and future. We gratefully acknowledge the Brooklyn College Class of 1964 for its generosity and commitment to the restoration and preservation of the thirteen paintings in this exhibit.

Professor Miriam Deutch Art Specialist Brooklyn College Library
Rita Fabris Adjunct Instructor, Art History Brooklyn College Art Department

A New Deal for Artists: Additional Information

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"Jean" by Allen Hermes. An oil painting of a woman standing on a balcony holding two white flowers, with a stormy sky and rural scene visible in the background.


31st Annual Author Reception

Attention Faculty and Staff!
The Library's Annual Book Party, honoring the College's authors who have written, co-written, edited, or co-edited a book this year.

When: Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 12:00 pm

Where: Kimmich Reading Room

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