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SPCL 7764 – Education Law & Ethics

Course Description

School law and ethics as they affect the policies, organization, and administration of public and private schools

I hope that you will find this course fun, interesting, and useful.  No previous knowledge of education law or legal research is assumed.  The course focuses on the legal framework of American elementary and secondary school policies at the federal, state, and local levels.  By course's end, students will be able to:

  1. meet all relevant national standards, below
  2. articulate the structure of the American legal system as it relates to education law and ethics and to map legal material within that structure;

(3) identify and access law-related material from libraries and on-line;

(4) relate fact situations arising from practice to substantive legal/ethical areas including church/state issues; free expression and due process rights; special education; racial, national origin, and gender discrimination; and the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (currently ESSA); 

(5) navigate educator/lawyer/policy-making relationships from the perspective of each discipline for mutual benefit; and

(6) apply legal and lobbying strategies to policy development and implementation.

Contact Information

Brooklyn College School of Education

Department of School Psychology, Counseling, and Leadership

SPCL 7764 – Education Law & Ethics, Fall 2018

Prof. David C. Bloomfield (don't forget the "c"!)