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ENGL 3301/3302: Creative Writing Workshop: Home

An OER for Prof. Helen Phillips

About English 3301/3302

In this fiction-writing course, we will explore different styles of writing and develop our own voices through writing exercises, reading assignments, class discussions, and workshops. Individual meetings will also be incorporated.

Potential topics for discussion include: flash fiction, world-building, twists, point of view, voice, dialogue, suspense, tension, mystery, mood, contrast, narrative structure, imagery, metaphor, experimentation, genre-bending, creativity, writing practices, revision, publishing, literary magazine submissions, the writer’s life, and anything else that may arise. The fourth online hour will consist of weekly Blackboard blog posts in which we will discuss the readings and themes of the course in greater depth.

Throughout the semester, you will expand your voice and practice your craft. The emphasis is on process more than product. You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges.