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Indigenous Studies at Brooklyn College: Articles

Articles in the Library's Collections

The Vanishing Indians of "These Truths" 
Christine DeLucia, Los Angeles Review of Books, 2019

Applying Indigenizing Principles of Decolonizing Methodologies in University Classrooms
D. W. Louie, Y.P. Pratt, A. J. Hanson, and J. Ottmann, Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 2017

Decolonizing Methodologies to Counter 'Minority' Spaces
Susan Mlcek, Continuum, 2017

Indigenous Studies - a review of recent books
K. Tsianina Lomawaima, American Quarterly, 2016

Indian, Native, Indigene: The Reverberations of a Quiet Linguistic Revolution
Kay Yandell, American Literary History, 2015

Settler Colonialism as Structure: A Framework for Comparative Studies of U.S. Race and Gender Formation
Evelyn Nakano Glen, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 2015

Negotiating Gender in Native North America - a review of recent books
Fay A. Yarbrough, Journal of Women's History, 2014

The Mutuality of Citizenship and Sovereignty: The Society of American Indians and the Battle to Inherit America
K. Tsianina Lomawaima, American Indian Quarterly, 2013

Destabilizing the Settler Academy: The Decolonial Effects of Indigenous Methodologies
Scott Lauria Morgensen, American Quarterly, 2012

Indigenous Studies Journals