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ENG 3522: Practical English Grammar: Syllabus


A thorough study of traditional English grammar and discussion of some non-traditional questions. We attempt to demystify the language of grammar, learn to analyze sentences, contrast literary styles through the language of grammar, and consider differences between dialects and Standard English. Attention will be given to applications for both native and non-native learners of English

Course objectives: At the end of this course students will be able to:

1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of English grammar

2. show various purposes for which language is used

3. recognize the impact of cultural, economic, political and social environ-

ments upon language, and

4. take informed stands on issues of professional concern.

Course Information

Elaine Brooks

  • Office and mailbox: 2308 Boylan
  • English 3522/#57215, S’2019
  • 718-951-5195;
  • Office hours: Tu/Th: 10:30am to 11:00am (& by appt)

Practical English Grammar

  • Class time: Tu.Th. 11:00 to 12:15pm, Boylan TBA
  • 4 credits; 4 hours (one online weekly)

Downloadable Syllabus

Course Requirements

1. Course text: An Introduction to English Grammar, 3rd ed., by Sidney Greenbaum and Gerald Nelson (Pearson Longman, 2009).

2. Participation: Be prepared with written exercises/assignments in order to discuss them and raise questions as well as to respond to classmates and instructor. Prompt and regular attendance is also a requirement; no more than 4 unexcused absences, please. In addition to written homework (grammar exercises, stylistic analyses, and responses to readings), there will be approximately 4 quizzes and a final exam.

3. Grading:

Written homework (grammar exercises, stylistic analyses, and responses): 40%

Four quizzes: 40%

Final exam: 20%

Optional Course Materials

Every topic page under the Units will have extra quiz and video resources for extra practice. Required vs. assignments will be noted on each page.

Course Outline

Note: The dates indicate the day homework is due. Exercises should be done on a separate sheet of paper, not in book unless so instructed

Unit 1:

  • Tu.  1/29 Introduction/diagnostic test
  • Th.. 1/31 Read Intro in Greenbaum, pp. 1-6; no exercises.
  • Tu.  2/5 Ch.1 Simple Sentence, pp.9-top 25 and exercises (pp. 25-29, 1.1-1.8)
  • Th. 2/7 and (ex. 1.9-1.13)  -
  • No class Tu. 2/12 (College closed)
  • Th. 2/14 (Tu. At BC) Ch. 2 Word Classes, pp.31-51 (ex, 2.1-2.13, pp. 57-60)
  • Tu. 2/19 continue with Ch. 2, pp. 52-57 and ex. 2.14-2.23, pp.60-63
  • Th. 2/21 Ch. 3 Phrases pp. 65-89 (ex. 3.1-3.12, pp.89-93)
  • Tu. 2/26 and continue pp.93-top98, ex. 3.13-3.25
  • Th. 2/28 Quiz #1 (subjects and verbs:(Main/Helping); read Raimes article and prepare a
  •                         one-page reaction/questions. )

Unit 2

  • Tu. 3/5 Catch up day
  • Th. 3/7 Ch. 4 Sentences and Clauses, p. 102- top116 (pp. 116-120, ex. 4.1-4.15)
  • Tu. 3/12 Continue Ch. 4.

  • Th. 3/14 Ch. 5, Usage Problems, pp. 125-141 (pp. 141-7, ex. 5.1-5.19)

  • Tu. 3/19 continue

  • Th. 3/21 Quiz #2 (adjectives and adverbs, prepositional phrases, coordinating

                  conjunctions, and word forms)

Unit 3

  • Tu. 3/26 Ch. 8 Punctuation (pp. 205-220 (pp. 220-5 ex. 8.1-8.7)

  • Th. 3/28 continue Ch. 8 (ex. 8.8-8.14)

  • Tu. 4/2  Ch. 9 Spelling pp. 227-243; ex. 9.1-9.6 on pp. 243-5

  • Th. 4/4  continue Ch. 9, ex. 9.7-9.12

  • Tu. 4/9  Ch. 6 Style, read pp. 149-58, ex. 6.1-6.5, pp. 159-160

  • Th. 4/11 Ch. 6 Style, pp. 149-58, ex. 160-161, 6.6-6.10.

  • Tu. 4/16 Quiz #3 (infinitive and participial phrases; adjective clauses, appositives;

           misplaced and dangling modifiers); Style continued.

  • Th. 4/18 Read Smitherman article and prepare one-page reaction/questions. For after spring break,   start memorizing Salomone handout, pp. 300-303 re Irregular verbs).

  • (Spring break 4/19 to 4/28)

Unit 4

  • Tu. 4/30 Ch. 7 English in Use, pp. 163-top182, ex. pp. 197- 199, 7.1-7.7

  • Th. 5/2 Continue Ch. 7, pp. 182-top197, ex. 7.8-7.10, pp. 199-201

  • Tu. 5/7 Review and discussion - Quiz #4 (Verbs: Forms, tense, aspect, and voice)

  • Th. 5/9 Review and discussion continued. All work should be submitted by now.

  • Tu. 5/14: Final class, TBA

Final exam: TBA

College Policies

Plagiarism: Brooklyn College's statement on plagiarism is as follows: The faculty and
administration of Brooklyn College support an environment free from cheating and plagiarism. Each 
student is responsible for being aware of what constitutes cheating and plagiarism and for avoiding 
both. The complete text of the CUNY Academic Integrity Policy and the Brooklyn College procedure 
for implementing that policy can be found at this site:

Non-attendance Because of Religious Beliefs: Brooklyn College’s statement on non-attendance
because of religious belief is located on page 66 of the Brooklyn College Undergraduate Bulletin:

Student Bereavement Policy: Brooklyn College’s statement on non-attendance because of religious belief is located here

Important Dates Friday, January 25, Weekday classes begin February 12, College closed – Lincoln’s birthday February 18, College closed – Presidents’ Day April 19-28 Spring Recess May 15, Reading Day; Undergraduate Final Exams.
May 16-22 Undergraduate Final Exams Day/Eve;
May 27 College closed – Memorial Day
The full academic calendar, including many other important dates, and the undergraduate final exam
“grid” are available on the Office of the Registrar’s website.