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HNSC 4150 Techniques of Community Health Education: Semester Projects

Semester Project: Health Fair (30pts/30%)

This is a group project to be implemented.
On 3/6: you need to choose your group members and choose a preliminary health topic.

We are planning to participate in the BC campus Health Fair in May.  Choose a health topic you would like to investigate, forming a group with 3-4 members.  Do research on your topic, preparing educational material for the health fair on your chosen health topic, and be a health educator at the health fair at your own booth/table.

On 3/6, you need to choose your group members and choose a preliminary health topic.

The grading system:

  1. Flyer (5 pts):  Make a flyer to advertise our health fair and your booth;
    • Post it at three different locations on campus, one week before the health fair.
    • Bring a hard copy to professor in class, one week before the health fair.
    • Please let the instructor know where on campus they are located.
  2. Educational material for the Fair (5 pts):  Each group needs to prepare at least five different educational materials of your topic, at least 40 copies each for the health fair.
    • Your group has to submit one copy of each material to me at least one week before the fair.
  3. Evaluate your OWN group members (5 pts) 
  4. Evaluate OTHER group's booths (10 pts): Evaluate quality of educational material displayed and quality of the educational interaction

  5. Summary Report (5 pts): Summarize your over all experience in 1-2 page report. This is an individual report.  i.e. each person has to submit his/her own report.)


Semester Project: Survey project (10pts)

You are to develop and implement a small survey on campus to investigate the health information needs of our BC students. (N=30, Questionnaire 10pts., Summary presentation 5pts.)

Extra Credit Project (up to 6pts)

Extra Credit Student Health Club Project:
Join the Student Health Club of the Dept. of Health and Nutrition Sciences, actively participate in their membership activities such as proposing and implementing a health program on campus, and submit a 2-page report (typed, double spaced).  The report should include your suggestion to the improvement of the club.  If interested, please indicate your interest and discuss with the instructor during the first two weeks of the semester..