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Exercise Science Research Guide: Books

This guide containt suggestions and tips for researching your papers and assignments for Kinesiology courses, including Exercise Science, Physical Education courses and Sports Management courses.

Finding Books

Use OneSearch to search for books at Brooklyn College Library (or all CUNY libraries by changing the dropdown menu in the search box to "CUNY" ).  If our copy of a book is checked out, you can have it delivered from another CUNY school by clicking the “Request a Copy” button.

Basic Search Types in the Catalog  (Click on “Advanced Search” for more search options.)

All Fields
Search for your terms in the subject, title and author fields.
e.g.  health and race    Tip: Connect two or more keywords with AND.
e.g.  “social determinants” and health Tip: Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.

e.g.  henrietta lacks and skloot     Tip: Find books with title and author as key terms.                         

Title begins with...            
Use when you know the exact title of a book.
e.g. infectious fear
e.g. new jim crow (not the new jim crow)
Tip:  Do not use initial articles (a, an, the, la, les etc.).

Tip:  Type just the first words of a title, e.g. type in spirit catches you and this search returns the title The spirit catches you and you fall down: a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision.

Author, last name first...                            
Use when you do not have a book title, or you want to find other books written by an author.
e.g.  roberts, samuel

Tip: Always type the author’s last name first.               
e.g.  davis, angela y               
e.g.  american public health association

Subject begins with...        
Search the Library of Congress Subject Heading (LCSH) for your topic.  
e.g.  transgender people
e.g.  community health services—United States.  
e.g.  snow, john Tip: Use subject if you are looking for books about someone or their work. Tip: If you do not know the exact subject heading, try keyword subject or ask a librarian.    

Keyword title
Search for your terms anywhere in the title. Placing quotes around key terms in the title of an item can help you locate it in the catalog.
e.g. “prison industrial complex”     e.g. epidemic              e.g. “health policy”
Tip: Use when you don’t know the exact title.   

Keyword subject
Search for your terms anywhere in the subject field. Click on titles in your results to see what the subject headings are. You can use these to search as well.
e.g. public health
e.g. disparities  (will help find headings for Healthcare Disparities, Health Status Disparities)
e.g. disease and transmission
Tip: Use when you don’t know what the subject terms are.