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Children & Youth Studies: Articles & Databases


Use OneSearch to find articles for your research.

Children & Youth Studies-related Databases

Additonal Databases

Because Children & Youth Studies is interdisciplinary in nature, be sure to check out resources in other research guides, such as Psychology and Education.

Children & Youth Studies Journals

Use OneSearch to search for the many children and youth studies journals, and related journals, available from the library's subscriptions.

Types of Research

You might need to find qualitative and/or quantitative research for your class or project. When searching the databases, you can narrow your search to return the types of research you're looking for. Here are some helpful keywords to consider:

Qualitative Research: Action research, Ethnographic, Case study, Constant comparison, Content analysis, Focus Group, Grounded Theory, Interview, Narrative, Phenomenological, Qualitative.

Quantitative Research: ANOVA, Chi square, Correlation data, Distribution, Experiment, Pretest, Posttest, Reliability, Statistical, T-test, Time series, Validity, Variable, Variance, Quantitative.

In APA PsycARTICLES, one of the limiters is METHODOLOGY. Select from the list of methodologies the one(s) you need for your search (e.g. Empirical study, Focus group, Quantitative study).