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CASD Department | Brooklyn College Library

CASD 1718 Oral Interpretation of Children’s Literature: Oral Interpretation #2

OER for Prof. Blyschak

Oral Interpretation #2

Oral Interpretation #2  Due: 5/13

1. Select a folktale or fairytale to present for 5-10 minutes. 

Submit here if you elected to record the video:

2. Submit the Performance Plan outline here. The Performance Plan Outline format for the folktale or fairytale will be as follows (1-2 pgs single-spaced):

I. Think-Aloud Paragraph for an Introduction to the folktale/fairytale origin and history (cite research in MLA). 

II. The passage you will present for 5-10 minutes, color-coded or annotated with symbols for the performance techniques you will use, within sentences (e.g., you may choose to put pause markers or arrows to indicate fluctuations in pitch). Be sure to include a key, or refer to the 110 Techniques chart if you are using it.