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TREM 1165: Introduction to Mass Media: Home

Spring 2021, Fully Online, Prof. Rodman

Course Overview

Survey of the history, industry practices, and controversies involved in the media of mass communication. Mainstream mass media of books, newspapers, magazines, film, radio, recordings, television, and the Internet. Analysis of news, entertainment, advertising, and public relations strategies, as well as media impact, legal issues, and ethics.

Online Class Meetings:
Platform: Blackboard
Time: Online and call-in, Monday – Friday, 11 – 3

This is a fully online course.  Live Zoom lectures will be presented on the Wednesday dates listed below at 6:30 for approximately one hour. These are the dates and times originally scheduled for our in-person classes.  All lectures will be recorded for subsequent access on Bb.

Professor and course info

Professor: George Rodman
Teaching Assistant:  Alexandra Love

Rights Info

Unless otherwise noted, this TREM 1165 Open Educational Resource (OER) was curated by Professor George Rodman for Brooklyn College in 2021 and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. [Detailed license and acknowledgements]