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ARTD 2812: BC Multimedia: Classes 1-3

Class 1: Jul 15

Class Introduction and Review
- opening class software (Sketchbook, AfterEffects, Premiere)
- what is animation, what is compositing?
- review of Photoshop and Illustrator
-Sketchbook basics

  • basic tools
  • pen tablet sketching
  • importing images
  • exporting files
  • layers




Class 1: Deadlines

Class 1: Screenings

Class 2: Jul 17

Line Animation with Sketchbook and Animate

  • Look at FLIPBOOKS in class
  • Frame by Frame Animation
  • using the Wacom tablet
  • Work on Frame by Frame
    • Layers and the timeline
    • Keyframes
    • Basic Tweening
    • Onion skinning

Class 2: Screenings

Class 2: Deadlines

DUE TODAY: PROJECT 1, Flipbooks and Sketchbook file
We will pass around flip books in class.
Watch: Walk sequence tutorial
Assignment (due next week):
Frame by Frame


Class 3: Jul 22

Sketchbook and Tweening
Look at Frame by Frame Animations

Adding Sound and Motion

  • GarageBand input/output
  • multiitracking
  • filters
  • editing techniques
  • foley techniques (ducking)


Adobe Animate

Making art in Animate

• the Animate workspace (stage, pasteboard, timeline, layers, properties panels)
• importing assets
• drawing tools (basic shapes, strokes and fills, object drawing, brushes)

Class 3: Screenings

Class 3: Deadlines