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PSYC 1000 Introductory Psychology (Shane): Professor

Open Educational Resource for Psychology 1000 (Shane)

Professor Shane - Lead course manager

Professor Jacob Shane


Professor Jacob Shane
jshane @
718-951-5000 ext. 3845
Office: 4301A James Hall

Best way to contact me is via email.



Emailing Instructions:
In the subject line of the email put:

  • Course number and section

  • Meaningful description of your issue/question

Sign the email with your full name (First and Last name) so I can identify you.


Office Hours

Monday & Wednesday:
12:30 to 1:30 pm

(or by appointment)

I am available to provide extra help during my office hours.  If you cannot attend my scheduled office hours, email me to schedule an alternate time to meet.

See emailing instructions