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What is Middle States?: Resources for the Brooklyn College Community

Accreditation and Higher Education

Brooklyn College is currently engaged in pursuing its decennial reaccreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) our regional accreditor.  Successfully completing this process is important to our students’ ability to receive federal financial aid, as well as enabling us as an institution to examine our current status and determine if we are satisfied with that.  A number of our colleagues have been directly involved in this process, having served on MSCHE Working Groups.  Below is information about ongoing BC Middle States reports and upcoming schedules. The Middle States Visiting Team will be coming to campus in March, 2019.  

Middle States and Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College's Office of Institutional Research and Data Analysis has created an informative webpage on MSCHE:

The last Middle State's accreditation for Brooklyn College took place in 2009. Key documents and a timetable related to Brooklyn College's 2009 Decennial Self-Study can be found here:

In addition, documents have been created in preparation for the upcoming Middle States accreditation: 

For a better understanding of the multilayered accreditation process and the 2014  MSCHE standards, view this Brooklyn College PowerPoint: Introduction to the MSCHE Standards of Affiliation.

Student Resources

I'm a student, does Middle States matter to me?

Answer:  Yes!  

Not only does accreditation impact access to financial aid but also measures how well a college is adhering to its mission, reaching academic and administrative goals, and providing a quality educational experience for its students.  Brooklyn College students will be asked to participate in Brooklyn College's reaccreditation process.

The Middle States Commission has a website for students:

Archival Documents

As the keeper of Brooklyn College's history, the Brooklyn College Archives has Middle States reports going back to 1935.  If you'd like to read reports submitted by President Boylan through President Kimmich, stop by the Archives in Room 130 of the Library. 


Further Reading

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Exhibit about Middle States in the Lobby of the Brooklyn College Library.

Campus Contacts

For more information, contact the Co-chairs of the BC Middle States Self-Study Committee:  Fredrik DeBoer and Jeremy Porter.