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Gender and Society: Unit I


Part 1. we (attempt) to define gender and sex



Thursday August 29: What will we be doing twice a week in this classroom?

CLICK ON THIS LINK to watch Toni Morrison delivers her address to the Center for Human Values at Princeton University, April 27, 2000 (she starts at 12:10).


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Tuesday September 3: Gender is a social construction with very real effects


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Tuesday September 10: Cross-cultural perspectives on gender


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Thursday September 12: but, wait, what is "sex"? the biological as a social construct


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Tuesday September 17: the continuum of sexes


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Thursday Seotember 19: Gender is a Performance


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check out Chris Rijksen 's interview about the project GENDER AS A PERFORMANCE here:

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All reading responses are submitted via Blackboard the day before the class by 11:59 PM. They should be typed in 12-pt and double spaced. Additional guidelines about the format and content of the responses are available on the syllabus.

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