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FORUMS (Free and Open Resources for Undergraduate Music Study): Music Libraries

FORUMS is a collection of free and open online materials to support undergraduate general education music courses internationally.

About music libraries

Most of the links on this page lead to open online resources listed by the respective music librarians.  Some behind-the-paywall material listed by these and other libraries might be available through faculty and student's educational institutions or through inter-library loan or other library consortia.  Online collections of manuscripts housed at certain libraries (such as at Eastman and Julliard libraries) are listed on the sheet music and manuscripts section under "Archives."

Music libraries


This page lists a small sample of the digital resources available online through a few U.S. libraries.  The web/internet/digital resources sections of university music library sites vary greatly.  In the future, a meta-list of open resources appropriate for gen ed teachers and students could be derived from the lists posted by university music libraries and by major public, private, and national libraries (as listed in the CMS Directory or Music Library Association Directory). If you are interested in this idea, or wish to contribute links for open digital resources for music libraries outside of the U.S., please use the Contact Form.

University music libraries