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FORUMS (Free and Open Resources for Undergraduate Music Study): Instrumental Music

FORUMS is a collection of free and open online materials to support undergraduate general education music courses internationally.

Instrumental music of the concert hall

Many performance organizations and ensembles post audio and video content on their websites--sometimes listed under "Media" "Digital Resources" "Watch and Listen" or "Education" tabs. (Note: the term "media" can refer to publicity and news media, or to audio and video media). Concert excerpts and performances are uniformly excellent for professional organizations. Interviews and lectures vary in quality.  Only a few examples are currently posted on this page represent content typically available. The location of open performance media on an organization's site is not always stable.  If you find that content is no longer on the website, check to see whether it has been moved to a YouTube Channel, Vimeo, or to iTunes University or another placement on the site, and please send an update to FORUMS using the  Contact Form. This page is intended for collections of performancesIndividual sites, archives, and entries are also welcome, and will be housed on another page to be determined

Symphonies, orchestras, chamber orchestras

Open music projects


These resources represent a small sample of open online western concert music. Future directions for this page include possible reorganization and recategorization of entries, and the inclusion of a broader range of musics and musicians--especially in unrepresented or underrespresented areas--contributed by experts in those areas.  If you find that content is no longer on the website, check to see whether it has been moved to a YouTube Channel or to iTunes University.  Please send a correction or update of information on this page, and contribute materials to this section--especially for unrepresented or underrepresented musics--using the Contact Form.