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Tools for Managing Digital Content: Home

The Library provides you with access to a variety of digital content management systems for teaching, research and publications. These platforms support text, audio, video and image formats


Blackboard, and LibGuides CMS are the most frequently used digital content management systems for teaching while JSTOR Forum and CUNY Academic Works (the institutional repository) are especially useful for research, publications and storing any type of digital content. These easy to use platforms assist faculty, administrators and staff with collecting, managing, preserving and sharing text, audio, video, and image files. While faculty may choose to share course materials only with students, they may also specify individuals or institutions who can view their research, or they may decide to share content on the Web openly.  Each system can accommodate a specific need.

Other tools included in this Research Data Management guide will help faculty plan how to collect, organize, back up, store, share and meet funding requirements for research project data. Types of data can include financial data, observational data, textual analysis, laboratory experimental data or physical artifacts or relics.  

For more information or for assistance in choosing the best system or plan for your needs, please contact the Brooklyn College Library.


Blackboard is the course management system for Brooklyn College and all of CUNY.  Use it to communicate and share documents with your students.


NJVID/illumira is a digital media repository service for streaming and preservation of academic and research media for higher education.

LibGuides CMS

LibGuides CMS is an easy to use Content Management System. Faculty use it as platform for their course materials as well as creating online guides on any topic, subject, or course.

LibGuides is mobile and tablet-friendly—no configurations needed!

LibGuides allows you to password-protect individual documents on your guide.

Individual guides are fully customizable--everything from headers/footers to full templates, as well as forms and surveys.

LibGuides CMS also provides a discussion board functionality for each guide in the system.

See how your colleagues have used LibGuides CMS for their course materials.


For more information and your access to LibGuides, please contact Miriam Deutch.

Research Data Management

For an overview on data management, we recommend this excellent Research Data Management guide maintained by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Lloyd Sealy Library. The guide also provides information about data management plans, data security, storing and sharing data and metadata. Additionally, if you are looking for a place to share your data, you may find these tools useful:


JSTOR Forum is a media management system that enables faculty to upload, catalog, and share digital collections with whomever they choose. Faculty can easily manage image, text, and audio collections, as well as student projects, and more. Collections are discoverable throughout CUNY, and may be shared with other institutions or published to the Open Web or via the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), or on an Omeka site.

JSTOR Forum Features include:

  • Enable multiple users to work simultaneously on projects
  • Support for different media types including video, audio, documents, and images
  • Preservation support for source files and associated data
  • Easily manage user permissions
  • Nothing for you to install-- no local storage necessary
  • Access and manage your collections anywhere without local technical infrastructure or administration.
  • Tools that allow you zoom, print, export and share digital content.

JSTOR Forum is part of ArtStor. Currently many CUNY colleges--Brooklyn, City, Graduate Center, Hunter, Queens and others--subscribe to Artstor/JSTOR Forum and can share digital content under the copyright fair use provision. Artstor/JSTOR Forum also offers access to a growing number of public collections.

For more information and to create an account in JSTOR Forum, please contact Miriam Deutch

CUNY Academic Works (Institutional Repository)

Institutional repositories are “digital collections capturing and preserving the intellectual output of a single or multi-university community” (Raym Crow, SPARC). They may include research, teaching materials, records of the institutions' events, and observational data that support members' scholarly activities.

Academic Works

  • Is the Institutional repository for CUNY.
  • Accepts published and unpublished material in a multitude of formats.
  • Tracks embargoes.
  • Provides local institutional branding for each submission.

Academic Works also includes an interactive world map that displays each asset being downloaded in the past month and the location of the download.

Administrators Can Also Use These Tools!

Administrative offices at Brooklyn College can use any of the digital management systems including, Academic Works and  Blackboard to manage digital content. For example, the Brooklyn College Faculty Council curriculum committees are having departments submit curriculum proposals through a Blackboard organization web site where discussion and editing can take place.  For example, a college office, such as the Office of Communications, with a large collection of photographs may want to use JSTOR Forum for organizing, archiving and making publicly accessible its images. Academic Works could be useful for storing on-campus event and conference output such as videos, audio and proceedings.

If you are interested in using any of these tools for your office, please contact the Library