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PRLS 3203: Latin@ Diasporas in the United States : Syllabus

Course Themes and Objectives

Course themes: Formation of Latino/a diasporas in the United States. Legacy of indigenous societies, colonization.  African diasporas in Latin America. Racial formation, Latin American societies.  Demographic patterns, (im)migration, settlement and community development.  Issues of citizenship, racism, and discrimination. Transnationalism and transnational identities.

Course goals and objectives: To impart the values of respecting the plurality of our society and an understanding of the events, political and economic (past and present), that have brought about the Latino diasporas.  We hope to instill an understanding of the multiplicity of traditions and cultures, and to pose critical approaches to the examination of current issues surrounding the various sub-groups that make up the Latino population.

Downloadable Syllabus

Course Information



PRLS  3203  Latin@ Diasporas in the United States Summer II 2021 

Prof. J. Torres Arroyo   

We will be using Blackboard for all our work and Zoom for our meeting.  Attendance is mandatory.

Please, feel free to email me or call me with all your concerns at the following:


Alt. email:

Google voice number 201- 691-7248  (Best call after 1pm: weekends any time)   


Recommended Reading

Grading Policies

Grading policy (on a scale):

Discussion Board (3): 30% - Please answer in well-developed paragraphs: no more than 200 words.

Compelling Questions on BB based on Readings (5): 50% - Please answer in a well-developed paragraph.

Final Exam (cumulative): 20%

Course Outline

Module 1(Week 1)

What are the Latino Diasporas?

1.Introduction: concepts and definitions  

2. Current events/DACA

3. Intra and inter group differences.

Module 2 (Week 2)

1. Largest Latino group - Mexicans: Historical background, American Imperialism

2.Immigration and migration

3.The Chicano Movement

Module 3 (Week3) 

1. Puerto Ricans: Early History, Economic crisis and Citizenship

2. Laws

3. Exodus

4.Political future

Module 4 (Week 4) 

1. Cuba: Historical Background

2. US involvement and contrast of Cuban diaspora with other Latino groups

3.US/ Cuba relations

Module 5 (Week 5)

Dominicans: Early history; U.S. intervention and occupation

2. Dynamics of the diaspora

3. Politics