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Docuseek2 Complete Collection: Making Clips

A guide to using the Docuseek2 Complete Collection at Brooklyn College

Register a User Account to Start Creating Clips

In order to make a short clip from a film in the Docuseek 2 Complete Collection, you must first create a personal account with Alexander Street Press. You do not need a personal account to view films or clips others have created; using the specialized links provided by the Brooklyn College Library is sufficient. However, if you want to make and share clips from the films, you will have to create a personal account.

  1. Use the "user" icon in the upper-right of the Docuseek 2 screen start the process. You will later use this icon to log in.

A screenshot of the top banner of the Docuseek 2 screen, used to illustrate the first step in creating a user account.

  1. On the login page, use the link "Register as a User" on the right side of the screen.

Screenshot showing the login page for Alexander Street Press.

  1. Follow the instructions on the User Account Page.

How to Make a Clip from a Film

Once you have found the film you want, in order to create a clip you first need to use the "Clips" link in the top navigation menu, as shown below.

A screenshot showing the top menu with Clips highlighted.

This will open a new Clips frame to the right of the video screen.

A screenshot of the clips sidebar in Docuseek 2.

Use the "Create a new clip" button to access the clip creation pop-up, which will appear at the bottom of the browser window.

A screenshot of the clip creation dialogue window in Docuseek 2.

Be sure to enter all of the required information, including title, description, and visibility settings. Most important of all are the start and finish times, which will select the section of the film to use for the clip. You can set the start and finish times by moving the white circles on the timeline above the start and finish boxes.  If you plan to share the clip, be sure to select either "Public" or "Institutional" in the setting menu to the right of the finish box.

Sharing Clips

Once you have created a clip and made it viewable to the public or within the institution, you will see it listed along with the film when viewing the "Clips" sidebar.

A screenshot showing a clip in the Clips sidebar in Docuseek 2.

Click on the three dots to the right to bring up the options menu.  To share, select the "Share" option. You can also edit the clip and delete it from this menu.

A screenshot showing the clips options.

Once you select "Share," you will see a pop-up at the bottom of the browser window with linking and embedding information. From there, you can share and embed the clip as shown on the Sharing and Embedding tab of this guide.

A screenshot showing URLs for sharing and embedding a film clip from Docuseek 2.