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Docuseek2 Complete Collection: Searching and Filtering

A guide to using the Docuseek2 Complete Collection at Brooklyn College

Searching and Results

To search for films, type what you're looking for into the search box. You can use film titles, directors, subjects, and more.   Starting from the home page search, you can also search by partial word. 

In the example below, when searching "environ", you will see two columns.  Left for individual videos and right for related, curated channels.  Clicking on a video or channel will take you to that result.  Hitting enter after typing in your search term will take you to a list of individual video results.

A screenshot of the Docuseek 2 search page showing suggested films and channels.

When searching within individual channels or collections, the default search is that individual channel which will not have the drop down suggestions.  Changing to "All Videos" will re-establish the dropdown suggestions. 

Filtering Results

After executing your search, the results will appear.  You can filter the results by Subject, Publisher, Person, Content Type, and Release Date by clicking the funnel icon and then using the slider.  

A screenshot of the filter icon and sorting menu in Docuseek 2.

Add filters by clicking on them.  More than one filter can be selected. Remove them by clicking on the X that will appear next to them after you've enabled them.  The large, red X will collapse the filter menu.

A screenshot showing the filter options in Docuseek 2.

Hovering over the film will display a lower case i, which can be clicked to learn more about the film without loading it, as shown on Our Mockingbird below.

A screenshot showing videos with and without the more information icon for a film in Docuseek 2.