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SPCL 7823 Seminar in Bilingual School Counseling: Session 8 - Module 4: Language, Memory, & Emotion: The Case of Eva Hoffman

Open Educational Resource (OER) created for Professor Elizalde-Utnick's SPCL 7823 course.


Please complete Tasks 1 to 3 PRIOR to our 5:00 pm Zoom session on June 28:

1. Read Eva Hoffman's book, Lost in Translation 

Take notes, place comments, and bookmark as you read so that you can easily refer back to the book during the team application activity in class.

2. Prepare for Blackboard Quiz (RAT)

The 5-question multiple-choice quiz will be on Hoffman's Lost in Translation.

3. Take the Blackboard Quiz (RAT#8)

This RAT will be made available to you at 4:30 pm on June 28.

4. Join the Zoom session at 5:00 pm


In this session students will work in their teams analyzing Eva Hoffman's Lost in Translation using an online platform which will be used to display their work gallery-style. In particular, teams will analyze each other's work regarding Eva's linguistic history, identity, the interplay of emotions and language, as well as the interplay between Eva's memories, thoughts, and language. We will begin with a quiz on the assigned reading and then proceed to the team application activity.

Video: An Interview with Eva Hoffman