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Professor: Jane Palmquist, Conservatory of Music, School Of Visual, Media and Performing Arts

Resource: LibGuides CMS

Increasingly, music performance organizations, museums, and archives are making rich materials freely available online. Free Online Resources for Undergraduate Study (FORUMS) is an aggregated, evaluated resource collection of these materials appropriate for undergraduate music study. Material on the “Learning Music” page is intended for CUNY general education music students and is curated by an expert on music teaching and learning. All other FORUMS material comprises authentic, scholarly and academic resources contributed and curated by experts in music, music education or pedagogy, undergraduate teaching, and digital media.

The expected project stages:

2015–2016 (all in progress):

  • Collect, organize, field test material in a soft launch of pilot web site (invited use in CUNY and select colleges in the U.S. and Canada).
  • Form team of music faculty and digital media specialists to contribute and evaluate additional content, and make recommendations on site and project development. Develop submission and other guidelines according to CUNY digital media policies. Seek CUNY and external funding.

2017–2018 (projected):

  • Publish site on CUNY’s Academic Works, and present to national and international conferences, inviting contributions and participation.
  • Launch discussion forums on FORUMS for specialized areas, such as teaching/learning aural skills; music history and musicology; music theory and analysis; general education music study and music fundamentals.