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Professor: Malka Simon, Art Department, School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts

Resource: WordPress—supporting the History of Architecture and Urbanism in New York City course

Professor Simon requested a platform where she could provide her students with links to specialized resources and websites that relate to her course that are freely available on the web or through the library. Since her course relies heavily on site visits, she was also looking for a way to share images with students that would be accessible on a mobile device and allow a student to upload images and video to share as well. Mindful of the fact that not all her course material is available on the web, some of the course material is password-protected.

Professor: Chris Richards, Art Department, School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts

Resource: LibGuides CMS—supporting the ARTD 3195/7091course

Professor Richards' course at Brooklyn College offers a thematic examination of African art with an emphasis on the importance of women, a group recognized for their influence on and creation of artistic forms, yet seldom the exclusive focus of academic inquiry. Students will examine a diverse range of visual art forms throughout the African continent, in both historical and contemporary contexts. Although the course is organized thematically, students will be encouraged to interrogate these categories, exploring how specific art forms can fit into multiple categories. The thematic structure will allow students to compare similar art forms from different African cultures, such as pottery and masquerades. Lastly, this course will encourage students to question academic sources for potential biases, particularly in regards to the representation of women.